After reading Michael Morpurgo's, Kasper the Prince of Cats, 4WB have been interested in finding out about the Titanic. In the story Kasper ends up aboard the Titanic with his owner Johnny Trott. We are currently at a cliffhanger as Kasper is aboard a lifeboat but Johnny is still  aboard the sinking Titanic.

The Titanic was journeying across the Atlantic Ocean bound for New York when it hit an iceberg. The owners and builders of the ship claimed that it was unsinkable! Yet it took less than three hours to sink. Hundreds of people died because there weren't enough lifeboats aboard the Titanic. Some of the lifeboats weren't even full of passengers as they left.

"The women and children had to leave first as men were thought to be the strongest. Servants would of been the last to leave and the Captain went down with his ship. I've really enjoyed learning about the Titanic and creating a front cover for a newspaper reporting what had happened." stated Ella.