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  • RAF Coningsby

    Published on 22 May 2015

    Visit to RAF Coningsby

  • Lancaster Bomber

    Published on 6 Mar 2015
    Trip to RAF Waddington
  • New Year, New Learning

    Published on 9 Jan 2014

    The first week of 2014 has been jam packed with new learning for Year 5.

  • Maths tests and music!

    Published on 12 Dec 2013
    Both classes have being getting into the festive spirit in Literacy with a film narrative unit based on A Christmas Carol
  • Bah Humbug!

    Published on 5 Dec 2013

    Year 5 are using the film Christmas Carol for a visual literacy project.

  • Orbit and Mental Subraction

    Published on 21 Nov 2013

    Every week there is something more to learn in Year 5!

  • In Year 5 this week ...

    Published on 14 Nov 2013

    5 S are getting to grips with Tag Rugby, whilst 5FM have been designing their dream bedrooms!