Archaeology Club

Follow the news from the school Archaeology Club as they conduct a dig at Bishop's Palace.
  • The Story So Far

    Published on 1 Dec 2014

    We've been looking back at our photos so far from the dig; have a look at some of our favourites...

  • Bone and Stone

    Published on 24 Nov 2014

    Find out about the brilliant discoveries made by the archaeology club, including about the possible remains of the old windmill. Will they discover more history as they clean and label their finds?

  • Race against the light...

    Published on 3 Nov 2014

    It's getting dark quicker and the Archaeology club are racing to uncover new finds before they run out of light. Read on to find out what they found this week.

  • Dig, dig, dig!!!

    Published on 20 Oct 2014

    This week the archaeology club dug further in to the ground, finding a number of items which they will analyse further!


  • Snail History

    Published on 6 Oct 2014

    Find out what snails can bring to history and an exciting find rocks the group!

  • Breaking Ground

    Published on 22 Sep 2014

    The digging begins...

    Find out what happened this week at the Bishop's Palace dig, including breaking ground and what to expect from this blog.