Breaking Ground

This week the Archaeology club started to break ground on their first digging adventure. Spirits were high as everyone watched and helped their friends start their group's patch of land. There were many happy faces, some confused faces and even silly faces as the digging began. Everyone was so excited to start their archaeology adventure. The year threes and fours were the most excited because some of them told us they had been waiting all since last Monday to start digging.Miss Booth thinks this year they will only find rubbish from the Bishop's Palace site like old clay pots or nails. On the other hand Louis Johnson was hoping to find…


Lara Brown hopes to find some objects!

Everybody else is keen on finding Dinosaur Bones or old artefacts . But will they? This could be the one and only chance of digging at Bishop's Palace, so hopes and expectations are high!

Everyone worked really hard to dig through the hard ground. Kian found it particularly hard as it was his first time digging on hard turf.

This was also the first evening that the journalist group met to start their weekly blog – which you are reading now! We hope to update you on the work and finds which occur during this dig.

Billy Wu (Yr 6.), Salma Elkasier (Yr 6.), Amelia Bryan (Yr 5.)