Snail History

This week the archaeology  club started to use trowels to dig the ground. They said it was very time consuming because they had to dig out stones. Although you might think it would be harder to dig hard turf as they did on the first week; they said it was harder to dig down because of the stones and rocks.

One of their main finds were a number of snail shells. Their shells help us to find out how far back in history they have dug. This is because when the shells of the snails are scanned in the lab they are able to tell us how old they are. This will help us find out how far back in history they have reached.

An exciting find has rocked the group! One group found what they though was a small piece of bone. Rose Tomlinson (the archaeology club link Bishop Grosseteste University College) has taken the find to be analysed further.

Another  find from the group was… MODERN GLASS. The group seemed to find some glass underneath the turf. It is unlikely that the glass might have been put under the turf deliberately but we are unsure.

The weather this week at the dig was muggy but nearing the end of the digging the weather turned for the worse so the groups got rained on. On the upside, the digging got a bit easier because of the rain.

Come back next week for more information about the dig!

Salma Elkasier (Yr 6.), Amelia Bryan (Yr 5.), Sonny Ward (Yr 5.)