Race against the light...

The Archaeology club found it harder today because it has been getting darker faster due to the clocks going back. One of the reasons it is getting dark so much faster is because it is already Autumn but they still found so many amazing things. Keep reading to find out what they have found and how excited the groups are about it.

One group found a piece of Victorian bottle; it is known to be Victorian because Zoe Tomlinson, who works for Bishop Grosseteste University, informed the group that the bottle was handmade. She knew this because there were bubbles in the glass and it was uneven. Other groups believe they have found a piece of bone and a tooth. In addition, some glazed tile was found, as well as a piece of pottery.

Some of the club think they have found a new layer representing a different era of history, although another group has told us it’s harder to find new layers when the soil is all jumbled up. This is because the area where they are digging was a crop field and when it got ploughed it churned the soil and possibly moved around the objects.

The groups found the digging much easier today as the ground was wet. This is because they were digging in clay soil. When clay soil is dry, it is much tougher to dig up as the soil sets solid.

The group digging near the old windmill are most optimistic of finding some artefacts as they keep finding coal under the ground. This is because in the past coal fires were the main source of heat in the house and when they were cleaned out, the ash was thrown on the field. Therefore, they are hopeful because they feel they are closest to an area where objects may have been thrown out on to a rubbish tip.

 Although the group would normally be working towards the sieving stage, this is unneeded on this excavation as the dig work has been so thorough.   

By Salma Elkasier (Yr 6.), Amelia Bryan (Yr 5.) and Sonny Ward (Yr 5.)