Bone and Stone

The Archaeology club finished digging outside two weeks ago and now they are washing up all their findings.

This week, they continued to clean the objects they found to try and uncover what they are and if they are old or new. Many groups have said to have found bone, however one group are positive they have. This is because of the shape and the texture of the find. Also many groups know they have found lots of…STONE: Small ones, big ones, all types and they even have to clean them to! At the beginning of the club, Miss Booth announced that they think they have found the remainders of the old mill that was in the field where the archaeology club have been digging, however, this still needs to be confirmed.                                                         

Imogen and Atticus both found it easier to work with their bare hand instead of using gloves so then they could handle the artefacts better and feel where the patches of mud needed to be removed. They could also feel the textures to see if it was bone or stone.  One group uncovered a tooth. Imogen, who is in the group, said that it might belong to a cow or another herbivore.

The groups have found bone, coal, stones, tile, teeth, snail shells (to help date back how deep they have been digging), Victorian glass and pottery. This could be linked to the damage caused to the Bishop’s Palace during the Lincolnshire Risings, or it could be a collection of items found in a nearby rubbish tip. The Victorian glass was broken so it was sharp and dangerous to be cleaned; they had to be very careful!

Everyone was having fun cleaning their finds and analysing them closer so they could dig deeper into what their find’s came from and considering how they got there.

This week they were labelling the bags so that they could remember in which pit they found each object and how deep it was.

Salma Elkasier (Yr. 6), Billy Wu (Yr. 6), Sonny Ward (Yr. 5), Amelia Bryan (Yr. 5).