Parent information evenings

As part of our on-going commitment to work with parents and families we have organised three additional after school sessions over the Spring Term 2015 focussing on themes that our school community have highlighted. Everyone is welcome – the sessions, we hope, will be informative, practical and enjoyable!


Effective and Safe Use of Technology at Home

Wednesday 4th February 6pm

IT and education expert Andy Dickenson will be leading this session looking at all things technological. Andy will guide you through the minefield of children’s use of the internet and introduce you to a whole new world of programmes and apps that can be a positive addition to your family’s life.


Supporting Your Child with Mathematics

Wednesday 4th March 6pm

 Led by the staff at Nettleham Junior School this will be an opportunity to gain information about the curriculum and methods used in schools now in maths. There will also be lots of practical activities focussed on areas of mathematical learning and a chance to be introduced to new methods of online learning.