Solar Eclipse in School

We are sure that everyone is aware that there is going to be a partial solar eclipse this Friday. It is due to be visible in Britain from 8.27am and should last for just over 2 hours, ending at 10.42am.

To mark the event there will be a ‘drop in’ information session open to both children and parents in the hall beginning at 8.30am on Friday 20th March (ending at 8.50 a.m.) where there will be a presentation explaining what is happening and why, some eclipse based activities and the chance to safely view the eclipse using simplified pinhole viewers (cloud cover permitting.) The last solar eclipse was in 1999 so this is a very exciting opportunity to learn more about this natural phenomenon. The children will also be given the opportunity in class (weather permitting) to go outside with their class teacher to view the eclipse either with their own pinhole viewers or using viewers provided by school.

There are some excellent resources and websites that help the children to understand what is happening, including:     and

We would like to remind you and your children that you should not look directly at the Sun, even during an eclipse, as it can seriously damage your eyes without you realising. If you would like to know how to build your own pinhole viewers (the recommended way to safely view the eclipse) to bring on Friday please watch the following short video:  

or you might like to have a look at this site for instructions on how to make an alternative solar eclipse viewer:

Solar and Lunar Eclipse

Thank you for your support and we look forward to seeing you on Friday.


Mrs P Alexander-Summerlin and Mr L Spowage

On behalf of the Science Curriculum team