Nettleham Joins the Children's University

Monday 22nd May saw Bethanie Eva and Dr Emile Van der Zee join us to launch the Children's University in our school.

We are so excited about this new project which allows children to collect 'stamps' in their very own learning passport from accredited 'learning destinations'. These range from visits to historic monuments to rock climbing to pet handling clubs at Pets at Home! All current public learning destinations can be found here:!learning-destinations/c1hfo

Also we have had our after school clubs validated and children can also gain stamps from attending them too! Here are some of them:!nettleham-juniors/c1mnl

Once children gain enough stamps in their passport, they can graduate at a wonderful ceremony held at The University of cool is that?

 Learning Passports themselves cost £5 from the school office. This charge is levied to fund graduation ceremonies and so on...and also gives an added incentive to the children to look after the passports.

We are already looking forward to seeing our first group graduate!


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