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All our children our different.

If you have more than one child or had children round to play you will already know how their personalities differ and how this impacts on life, school, friendships, playing and life in general.

At Nettleham CofE Junior School we are passionate about ensuring that we do all that we can to understand and appreciate the skills, gifts, talents and personalities of all the children in our care.

As a staff we regularly receive a range of training to help us further improve our desire and ability to do this.

We are excited to have an opportunity for parents and their children to come along to a special evening led by Ruth Adams where we will explore various personalities of our children and how these impact on their learning, playing, socialising, exploring and general living. It will be a very informal and fun evening full of information, practical activities and knowledge.

We didn’t want the adults to be the only ones to have all the fun so Mrs Hollamby will be running a practical session for the children simultaneously. The children, through games, activities and crafts will explore 4 different characters from a story and find out how all their different personalities have something wonderful to offer.

No need for a babysitter bring your kids too!

We would love to see you and your children on:

Wednesday 25th January 2017, 6:00pm-7:30pm

Nettleham Junior School Hall

For fun and informative sessions for parents and children with tea, coffee, cold drinks and amazing cupcakes included!


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