Multi-Academy Trust: Your FAQ

As you will recall, at the beginning of this school year, we sent out a brief statement to all parents and carers regarding the proposed formation of a Multi-Academy Trust in our area, of which which our school is considering becoming a founding member.

Mrs Ann Hopkirk, one of our Parent Governors, has kindly collated a list of parents' questions and comments on the proposed MAT and the process and progress. We're happy to provide all the answers we have available.

  • How do the staff feel?

The staff are generally supportive of this process.

  • Is this a serious prospect, a done deal, or just an early investigation into the possibility?

It's a serious prospect, but one which is still in consideration. No binding decisions have been made, and we expect the timescale for decisions will remain comparitively slow. No definite dates are planned for any procedural step.

  • Surprised there hasn’t been a follow up letter - thought it had maybe ‘died a death’?

Just a case of there having been nothing new to report since the initial statement in October. When there is anything definite to ask or say, we will make sure that you know about it. 

  • Rumours are going around that Will Farr is in financial trouble - is this why the MAT is being proposed?

There is no truth behind the rumour! All the schools which are considering involvement are in healthy financial positions, and financial transparency will be an absolute requirement throughout the planning and eventuual possible formation of the MAT.

  • Will each school retain its own governing body?

Yes - there would be a separate governing body for each school, as now.

  • Will staff employment decisions be made by the school or the academy?

Individual schools' staffing decisions would remain with each indivual school.

  • Will each school be viewed (and inspected) separately by Ofsted?

Yes - each school would remain a separate entity, and be inspected and reviewed separately.

  • Will there be an executive head?

There are no plans for an executive headship.

  • Will there be a parent consultation?

Yes - you will have a say in proceedings before any final decision is made.

  • Will the closer links with Will Farr mean that parents wanting their child go to an alternative secondary school feel excluded?

We would not become a 'feeder' school to William Farr - we expect that our pupils will continue to move up to a vareity of secondary schools, as they do now.