Where's My Mummy?

On 2oth November 2013 our year 6 pupils travelled to London to visit the Science Museum and the British Museum.

What a wonderful day they had examining the amazing artefacts from Egypt and being amazed by the wonders of Science...and there were gift shops and a 5 hour coach journey on the way home!

Please read the children's own accounts below:

  1. ryan thomas
  2. David
  3. tyler and omar
  5. shanais and rafia
  6. Amber and Chloe
  7. peter
  8. Iona and Grace
  9. Mia and Hope
  10. mariam
  11. India and Frankie
  12. Dan and joseph
  13. sam's n' zeph's article
  14. Tilly and Phebe's report on London Nov 2013