Key Dates for 2014

A list of key dates for 2014, for those of you who like lists!



School Terms and Holidays


Tuesday, 7th January, 2014 to Thursday, 13th February, 2014


Monday, 24th February, 2014 to Friday, 4th April, 2014


Tuesday, 22nd April, 2014 to Friday, 23rd May, 2014


Monday, 2nd June, 2014 to Wednesday, 23rd July, 2014

Training Days

6th January, 2014, 14th February, 2014

January 10th – Foodbank Friday

January 23rd  – Full Governors 7pm

January 29th – Viva project inspiration day

February 3rd   – February 7th – SEN Week

February 7th – PTA disco

February 11th – Year 5’s to William Farr for production of Joseph

February 13th – Governors Committee Meetings – 5pm – 8pm

February 14th – Training Day

March 5th – Viva in school am

March 6th – Viva in school pm

March 6th – Cross Country (after school Saxilby)

March 11th     – Parents’ Evening (Yrs 3,4,6) (Short)

March 12thYear 5 to Space Centre and Mandir Temple

March 12th – Viva in school pm

March 12th  – Parents’ Evening (Yrs 3,4,6)(Long)

March 12th – William Farr ‘Come Alive with Science’ Day

March 13th – WF Come Alive with Science Day

March 17th – Viva project rehearsal day

March 18th – Final Performance of ViVA Project – Drill Hall

March 19th – Year 5 Parents Evening (short)

March 20th – Year 5 Parents Evening (long)

March 20th – WFS Primary Maths Challenge – am

March 27th – Full Governors 7pm

March 27th – Author in school pm

March 28th – Author in school for book signing pm.

April 22nd – Class and Team Photos – pm

April 23rd and 25th – William Farr Sports Mornings

April 25th – PTA disco

May 1st – Years 3-6 Cross Country – Witham

May 3rd – Soundlincs B15 Celebration at the Epic Centre

May 7th – William Farr Y5 primary challenge am

May 12th – 16th  -  SATs week

May 15th – Full Governors 7pm

May 22nd – Y6 to church schools festival

June 4th – Outdoor Athletics at Yarborough

June 11th – William Farr Discovery Day

June 11th – Outdoor Athletics At Yarborough

June 12th – Governors’ committee meetings 5pm – 8pm

June 13th – Y3 – trip to York

June 16th – June 20th  - Kingswood Trip – Overstrand

June 20th     - Y4 buddies to visit Y2s with letters

June 25th – Sports Day

June 27th – Infant School Sports Day on Junior Field

June 30th   - July 4th   – SEN Week

July 4th – PTA disco

July 8th   William Farr Y6 Curriculum Day

July 8th   – Y2s to visit for morning and spend time in classes

July 9th – Year 4 to Whisby Education Centre

July 10th  – Full Governors 7pm

July 16th – WFS Be Safe Day

July 18th - Leavers’ Treat Day

July 21st – Leavers’ Service 2pm

July 23rd – End of Term