Maths Enrichment Morning

On the mornings of Thursday 25th September and Thursday 2nd October , Year 5 and 6 took part in the first ever maths focus morning. The children all took part in 6 activities like Crystal maze challenge and Spirolaterals which allowed them to learn maths in a fun way. Here are some of the activities, explained by several of the children who took part!

Sheep language – Did you think sheep could teach us maths? Well the answer is YES! Mr Gibbons taught us the Fibonacci sequence using sheep language -BAAA!!!!!

Spirolaterals – In this activity, Mrs Alexander-Summerlin asked us if we could make a never ending spirolateral and we did! It turns out, if you do a spirolateral with the deadline of 4 it will never end.

Digit Challenge - Mrs Fane asked us to complete a set of instructions like can you make the biggest number in the times table of 5 but the numbers could only be used twice and the number had to be under 10.

With Mrs Nichols we did Curves Of Pursuit. It was very interesting because we made spirals using any shape. The goal was to make curves of pursuit out of straight lines.

Did you ever think that times tables would ever be fun? Now it is!  Mr Spowage helped  5 and Y 6 experience the Crystal Maze Challenge. At first we had a recap on times tables and prime numbers. Then we had to go under the parachute and find times tables or ... Prime numbers.

Beat The Clock was about decoding letters and winning mini Lego figures. All of this was against the clock- including some of Mr Grafton’s very ‘interesting’ 80’s music!

Billy Wu - My favourites was the ... CRYSTAL MAZE CHALLENGE AND THE BEAT THE CLOCK on maths focus morning because for the crystal maze challenge we did multiplication, but not just normal boring multiplication because we used parachute to do it and if you think they're boring, it was AMAZING!!! Now on to the Beat the Clock challenge with Mr Grafton - it was EPIC!!!

Salma Elkasier – My favourite was the Spirolaterals with Mrs Alexander-Summerlin as it was really enjoyable and easy to understand.

All of the activities were amazing and everyone cannot wait until they have a morning full of maths again!

(With thanks to Sonny Ward [Yr 5.], Salma Elkasier [Yr 6.] and Billy Wu [Yr 6.])