Summer Term Parent Events


Parent Education and Information Sessions – Spring 2016

As part of our on-going commitment to work with parents and families we have organised four additional after school sessions over the Summer Term 2016 focussing on themes that our school community have highlighted. Everyone is welcome – the sessions, we hope, will be informative, practical and enjoyable!

Will Ord is coming to Nettleham!

We are delighted to be able to offer parents an exclusive opportunity to attend a workshop with internationally renowned education expert, Will Ord. Will is famous for working with schools, teachers and parents to help create empowered, enthusiastic learners with a lifelong passion for learning.

Will has toured with Professor Carol Dweck, the author of the worldwide best-selling "Mindset" and the world’s leading expert in psychology and motivation research. On Monday 11th April 2016 he will be offering a special session for our parents completely free of charge. In this session, he will explain how to embed a growth mindset culture across your whole family as well as exposing myths about "ability" and "intelligence".

Date: Monday 11th April 2016

Workshop Venue: Nettleham Infant School

Time: 18.30 – 20.00

This is likely to be an extremely popular event and therefore is strictly reserved for parents of children who attend Nettleham Infant or Junior Schools. 

Supporting your child with computing and internet safety

Tuesday 12th April 6pm

IT and education expert Andy Dickenson will be leading this session looking at all things technological. Andy will guide you through the minefield of children’s use of the internet and introduce you to a whole new world of programmes and apps that can be a positive addition to your family’s life.

Supporting your child to understand and master Grammar and Punctuation

Monday 18th April 6.30pm

Led by the staff at Nettleham Junior School we will lead you through the changes to curriculum and assessment from the point of view of Punctuation and Grammar. This has been a major development over the past few years and this session aims to make parents comfortable in supporting their children in understanding and applying the more technical aspects of writing.

Supporting your child to understand and master Maths methods

Monday 25th April 6.30pm

Led by the staff at Nettleham Junior School this will be an opportunity to gain information about the curriculum and methods used in schools now in maths. The new National Curriculum and SATs have seen a renewed focus on calculation methods and we will be exploring these with lots of hands on practice and practical activities.


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