@nettlehamjunior - we're twits

We are going to ‘experiment’ with Twitter as a method of communicating with parents and the wider community. We’ll see how it goes for a few months and, if it is useful, we will formalise it as one of our channels of getting in touch with you. The positive side is that it is a quick and immediate way of letting you know what is going on, the negative side… we wait to see!

The school’s Twitter name is @nettlehamjunior if you would like to follow the account.

On a separate note, can I remind you of the meet the teacher events over the next week? They are all arranged for 3.45pm and should last around 45 mins:

Year 3 – Tuesday 13th September 

Year 4 –  Wednesday 21st September

Year 5 – Tuesday 20th September

Year 6—Thursday 15th September