What an exciting end of term!

Sports Day arrangements – Wednesday 5th July 2017

Lunchtime – Shared picnic lunch – children and families

Afternoon – Traditional Races

At lunchtime – from 12.15 pm – you are welcome to join the children on the field to share a picnic lunch (children taking hot school meals will eat their dinner and then join the rest of the children on the field). We will be holding our races all in the afternoon, beginning at 1.30pm. This will see a mixture of traditional races with children competing against their peers in their year group.

Wider Opportunities Concert Friday 7th July 2017 – 2.30pm

Since February the children in 4W and 5H have been taking part in the ‘Wider Opportunities’ music programme– with Year 4 learning samba and African drumming and Year 5 developing brass and woodwind instrumental skills. To celebrate the great progress that they have made, they will be performing in school on 7th July - 2.20pm for a 2.30pm start, finish no later than 3.30pm.

SUMO Evening for Parents and Pupils - Tuesday 11th July 2017- 6:30pm – 8:00pm

We are really excited to say that we are holding another evening for parents and children to learn some practical, powerful and fun ways to help build skills for life. We will together learn how to Stop, Understand and Move On. These skills are brilliant for all of us, young and old and just as useful for life at home as well as school. We would love it if as many of you (and your children) can come along for this fun and interactive evening providing you with a ‘taste’ of SUMO - tea, coffee and delicious cake will also be available!

School Birthday Party – Thursday 13th July 2017

Thursday 13th July sees us celebrate the 50th anniversary of the official opening of our school’s current buildings (although children were being educated here for some years before the ceremony) and we like a good party. So on that day we will be marking the event with a shared lunch/ party in much the same way we celebrate our Christmas parties and recent royal events in school. You will be receiving a request for food within the week and all hot dinners will be automatically cancelled with everyone receiving a refund.

As part of the day we will be exploring the history of the last 50 years in school and beyond. It would be lovely if children came to in school uniform but gave it an interesting ‘twist’ by dressing in a uniform that reflected school in the 1960s, 70s, 80s, 90s or 00s.

Year Six Performance – A Blast from the Past – Tuesday 18th July 2017

To continue the theme of looking forward and celebrating the past our Year 6 play this year is the musical ‘A Blast from the Past’. The performance date is Tuesday 18th July at 7pm, ticket letters will follow soon but please put the date in your diary if your child is involved. It’s going to be amazing!