Snow Day Ideas

We have collected all of the ideas emailed out to parents from our staff here

You could also:

Make a snow man. Or a snow castle or monster even! This is fun for kids, adults and everyone in between. 
Go sledging.
Catch up on reading. Is there a better time to hit that book you’ve been dieing to read for so long than a snowy day? 
Exercise. This is a great chance to use that home exercise equipment you’ve neglected. Don’t own any? There’s always push ups, sit ups and jumping jacks!
Bake a pie.
Make a pot of stew. Wonderful winter comfort food. Challenge yourself to make it a healthy stew too!
Have a snow ball fight. 
Make a photo album. Get all those old photos together and put them in some kind of order. 
Play Monopoly 
Teach someone how to play chess. 
Call a old friend. Or two.
Clean out the fridge! You may even get a few good ideas for lunch.
Snow paint. Put some water and food colouring in squirt bottles and become a snow Picasso. Don’t forget to take pictures.
Play with your dog. Dogs love snow.
Make pizza. 
 Do crossword puzzles.
Master Sudoku . 
 Learn to code. If you’re interested in computers, even slightly, why not?
Take some photos of the fresh snow. Or if you like to stay warm of your pet cat!
Get informed. Pick a few subjects that interest you and hit Wikipedia!
 Make a family calendar. There’s lots of simple tools online to make a great gift.
 Visit family. If mum, dad or grandparents are close by the snow may have them thinking about you, so say hello and let them know you’re thinking of them too!
 Practice singing. For some of us this is best done if we’re home alone.
 Help a neighbour shovel snow... who knows you could need the help one day?
 Make a new music play list. Variety is the spice of life.
 Catch snow flakes on black paper. No two are alike!