Spring News


Spring is finally showing its face after a remarkably cold and snowy end to winter.

It has been great to see so many parents and friends over the past few weeks with parents’ evenings proving to be a very positive opportunity to discuss the progress that our pupils are making.

PTA Easter Egg competition

Tuesday 27th March sees our annual decorated egg competition. The idea is you use an egg – blown, or hard – boiled, as the basis for a scene or tableaux. This might be a famous scene from history, a film, a sporting event, a work of art, famous people, architecture and so on.

Dates/ Easter Holiday early finish

Please note that school will close for the Easter Break at 3.00 p.m. on Wednesday 29th March (Infants close at 2.50 p.m.). We return for the Summer Term on Monday 16th April 2018.

Communications between home and school

The recent school closures were a solid test of our methods of communications with you and we have had nothing but positive feedback. It did highlight how far we have moved to ‘electronic’ communication via txtround, email, our website and Twitter.

With this in mind can we remind you to regularly check your emails and also to make sure that emails from school are marked as ‘safe senders’ and not going to your spam/ junk folders?


This has been a particularly busy and successful period for us in terms of sports.

Our cross country teams have been very successful in their league cross country races with our girls’ team currently sitting in first place and our boys in third with two races to go – out of a field of over 20 schools.

Year 4 Swimming starts on Wednesday, 18th April – an early start for 4W who need to be at school and on the bus for 8.40 a.m. 

Start of the School Day & Absences

I would like to remind you that the school day begins at 8.55am and that all children need to be on the school site at that time, but no earlier than 8.45am.  Also, if your child is unable to attend school for any reason it important that you ring or email school on the first morning of his/her absence.

Vehicle issues

Please do not park on the zig zag lines outside school as this is dangerous for the children as they leave school and makes crossing the road very difficult indeed. This is particularly the case as we still have no crossing patrol.

 We have also been asked by a number of parents to remind everyone that leaving your cars running whilst waiting is both harmful to the environment and potentially to those nearby, including our young children.


Our Year 6 children are about to embark on one of the more arduous periods of their life with us as they look toward their SATs – Monday 14th May 2017 – Friday 18th May 2018. It is always vital that the children are well rested and in school in good time, but essential that this is the case during these assessments. We are only too happy to discuss assessment with you and very keen to ensure that they are used to plan the next steps in the children are learning.

Opportunities to get involved in school life

 The role of parents in school life is always growing. The PTA is a vital part of everyday life for us and we have developed some very positive new ways for you to contribute to what we offer in school. Also if you have an interest that could be developed through school, let us know. We would welcome your interest and expertise.

Kingswood Balance

Can I please remind parents of Year Six pupils that the balance for Kingswood is due on 31st March 2018?

I wish you all a very happy Easter and hope that you manage to spend some time in warm sunshine with those you love.

David Gibbons



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