Weekly Timetables wc 4th May 2020

Here are the latest weekly updates from our teachers including a suggested timetable of activities to provide some structure for your home learning; this is here for you if you would like to follow it.  Take these activities as far as you would like to, immerse yourself in what you enjoy doing – please don’t feel that you have to cover all of these tasks and please feel free to share your own creative ideas too. 

We have seen some great examples of what you have been up to and would love to see some of the work you have been completing. Don’t forget you can send your work to your teachers through our year group emails


  1. Year 4 weekly timetable wc 4th May 2020
  2. Year 3 weekly timetable 3 wc 4th May 2020
  3. Year 5 Weekly Timetable 4th May 2020
  4. Year 6 Weekly Timetable 4th May 2020