Weekly update and learning timetables

We hope that everyone is well. We are sure that everyone is looking forward to returning to some sort of ‘normality’ soon. We are awaiting further guidance with regard to what school will look like in September; there are lots of questions that need answering but we can say for certain that we are missing seeing all of our pupils and are keen to see them return safely to school. We will continue to keep you fully up to date with the next steps and plans as soon as possible.

Please do let us know how you are getting on and, this week, we would like you to work with the children to complete their ‘personal review of the year/ report comments’ and return them to school so that we can include the children's perspectives in their end of year reports which are currently being finalised.

Here are the timetables and updates for each year group for the coming week:

Year 6 Weekly update 


email:  Year6@nettleham-junior.lincs.sch.uk

Year 5 Weekly update


email:  Year5@nettleham-junior.lincs.sch.uk

Year 4 Weekly update


email:  Year4@nettleham-junior.lincs.sch.uk

Year 3 Weekly update


email:  Year3@nettleham-junior.lincs.sch.uk

Do keep visiting the school YouTube channel – there are new videos uploaded every week!


  1. Year 3 Weekly Timetable wc 29th June 2020
  2. Year 4 Weekly Timetable wc 29th June 2020
  3. Year 6 Weekly Timetable wc 29th June 2020
  4. Year 5 Weekly Timetable wc 29th June 2020