Home Learning for wc 13 July

As we enter the final 'full week' of Summer Term in school we continue to plan how school will look in September to ensure the safe return of all pupils whilst, at the same time, bringing this school year to a close. This week will see all families receive their child's end of year report electronically and also have the opportunity to visit school to collect books and belongings and to say 'goodbye' to staff. It has been the strangest term and we are amazed with how everyone has coped; we look forward to the sun now shining for weeks to come and to getting back to some sort of 'normal.

Below are the final set of timetables and updates for each year group for this academic year. Do take some time over the next few weeks to take a look at the work set by your child's new teachers to get used to them and their way of working. Also feel free to explore some of the work that you might have missed over the past months - there are lots of exciting and interesting activities here.

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Year 6 Weekly update


email:  Year6@nettleham-junior.lincs.sch.uk

Year 5 Weekly update


email:  Year5@nettleham-junior.lincs.sch.uk

Year 4 Weekly update


email:  Year4@nettleham-junior.lincs.sch.uk

Year 3 Weekly update


email:  Year3@nettleham-junior.lincs.sch.uk

Do keep visiting the school YouTube channel – there are new teaching videos uploaded every week!


  1. Year 3 Weekly Timetable wc 13th July 2020
  2. Year 4 Weekly Timetable wc 13th July 2020
  3. Year 5 Weekly Timetable wc 13th July 2020
  4. Year 6 Weekly Timetable wc 13th July 2020