Keeping Busy

Here are some ideas from our staff for the children to keep busy during the Snow Closures - March 2018

Year 6 pupils

All families have been emailed a short arithmetic test that we would like the children to complete (warning the last page is the answer sheet). 

We have also emailed a fun bible quiz that the children could work on.

All children have their spellings to learn. 

Finally Mrs Barbosa has asked if 6B can start and do research on the activist of their choice - in preparation for the upcoming biography.

Mrs Wicks' and Mrs Nicholls' year 6 Maths group

There are a number of activities already allocated in your Active Learn page - you can continue practising these at home. Please pay particular attention to Bingo 6.17a, 6.17b & 6.17c which focuses on identifying common factors, common multiples and prime numbers - we covered these objectives before we broke up for half term.

Below is a couple of links to provide some pre-learning for next week's lessons - we're moving onto calculating the mean, median, mode and the range of a set of data. Please meet The Mean, Median and the Mode Toads?!

The Mean, Median and Mode Toads      
How to find the mean median and mode! In this video Cody gets a little help from the mean median and mode toads!

And as always, a song to keep you going!..........

Hey Diddle Diddle Mean Median Mode Range song

Mrs Wicks' and Mrs Nicholls' Year 5 maths group

There are a number of activities already allocated in your Active Learn page - you can continue practising these at home. Please pay particular attention to Balloon Pop 3.13a & 3.29a which focuses on finding fractions of a number - we covered these objectives last week.

Below, there are a few links to keep practising your number recall at home......yes, the singing crab can keep you company at home!

Counting By Nines Song Video

Counting By Eights Song Video

Counting By Sixes Song Video

All Year 5 Children

The children could (if they are keen) do some research on ‘Viking  Traders and Explorers’ - under the following headings:

What did the vikings trade?
Where did they travelled and what they discovered?
How did they find their way?

Also a bit of research on Viking Longships - model or poster if feeling very keen!!! (BBC HISTORY website)

Class 5S

Research the author David Walliams to input in to out class biography we will be writing next week. Find out 10/15 interesting facts about his life. It could be about his childhood, rise to fame, charity work, writing, awards, or family life. 


Mr Spowage's Maths Group

We will be exploring shape next week so a recap of the names of 2D shapes up to 12 sides would be a great starting point. And as always, keep practising your times tables! There’s some great songs on YouTube, test your parent/carer/brother/sister/snowman, or play some of the great games online (such as

Mrs Wicks' Year 5 Spelling Group

Your 30 word spelling test will take place next Friday now so please keep practising all the words we have learnt this term. 
(The Squeebles app will be available on the Year 5 iPads every morning next week.)
All families have been emailed the list of words - in case it's been left in your drawer at school!


Class 4W

Miss Windley has asked if children can make notes on their chosen mountain for Geography ready to work on their iBooks.

Mrs Wicks has the following reading suggestions for each group in 4W (the children will know which one is for them):

'A Boy In A Girl's Bathroom' guided reading group - please ensure you have read up to Chapter 6 in preparation for our Monday session.

'Crabtree School' reading group - please ensure you have read Chapters 1 & 2.

'Why The Whales Came' reading group - please bring books along for Monday's session and ensure that Mrs Knights' homework has been completed.

'Cool' reading group - please bring books along for Monday's session and ensure that Mrs Knights' homework has been completed.

Class 4GV

If children in 4GV would like to do some research, we will be writing factual reports next week about the grey wolf.

4GV could have a look at the powerpoint on possessive apostrophes (which is has been emailed to parents).

Mrs Verdon's Year 4 Spelling Group

Mrs Verdon's spelling group could have a look at next week’s spellings revision of key homophones (which has been emailed to parents)

Mrs Verdon and Mr Grafton's Year 4 Maths Group

Mr Grafton and Mrs Verdon's maths group can enjoy any of the abacus games that Ms Knights has made available. Also be extra confident on 4 x tables/ 8x tables. 4x people can move onto instant recall 5 x ,if confident with 4 x, (without fingers). 8 x group learn: 11 x 10, 11 x 11 and 11 x 12.

Year 3 pupils

If you are keen for extra things to do above the normal reading, spelling  and times tables/number bonds to 20 practice, Abacus would be a fun thing to go on (children should have their log ons for this)

Also you could have a look at the Hour of Code website - get the children to teach you how to code!
To tie in with the children's classroom work you could listen to some of Aesop's fables here (or  Google BBC Education Aesop's Fables for same resource)

All families have been emailed a winter shape poem worksheet and some addition work if children would like to have a go at this.

Miss Thompson's and Mrs Stephens' Maths group

 Practise division by 10 and 5 ready for Mad Maths next week

Class 3TS
  • Look at weather maps and begin to learn the symbols used. Identify places named on them. Locate on your own map. 
  • Map of United Kingdom: name and locate capital cities, counties, places of interest, places you have visited 
  • Learn spellings for Monday – use them in sentences 
  • Read, read, read – talk about what you have read. Write a book review for a classmate. 
  • Look at your own Targets – Which ones have you achieved? Practise what you still need to do. 
  • Research about Lincoln Cathedral 
  • Time: can you read, write and draw analogue and digital times? 1/2 past, 1/4 past. 1/4 to, 5 minute intervals, 1 minute intervals