School clubs

We offer a wide range of clubs before school, during school and after school. These range from clubs run by our staff such as gospel choir and football to clubs run by external specialists like badminton and gymnastics to pupil-led activities such as Science and Performance - a really exciting mixture.

Below is the current timetable for clubs - please note that there are some 'outdoor focussed' clubs that take their 'winter break' from mid November such as Netball and Archaeology and return in February.

A growing number of clubs are run by our children - below are a few photographs of our Science Club - led by Sreeja and Moyo.

  1. Cross Country January 2018
  2. Archery start Spring 2018
  3. Hockey start Spring 2018
  4. Badminton group 2 start Spring 2018
  5. Street Dance start Spring 2018
  6. Tennis Club 23rd February 2018