Year 6 Maths Materials

At parents evening in mid March 2018 a number of parents asked about maths materials that the children could access over the Easter holidays. We have managed to get hold of some good 'short burst' maths materials. There are ten arithmetic and reasoning activity papers - day one, day two etc. designed to take no more than around 15 - 20 minutes a day. 
We would like you to work through these with the children if you have time - but must stress that this is an optional activity.
The work comes in two levels - Expected Standard and the more challenging Greater Depth. The children can choose their challenge (and even move on to the higher challenge if they would like to). You can download the answer booklets separately!
Should the children be really struggling with the papers - you might like to try them on the 'working towards' papers as a warm up, which you can also download from this page.
Everything you need is available below.
  1. Answer_Pack___Expected_Standard
  2. Answer_Pack___Greater_Depth
  3. Answer_Pack___Working_Towards
  4. Ten_for_Ten_KS2_Maths_Practice_Booklet___Expected_Standard
  5. Ten_for_Ten_KS2_Maths_Practice_Booklet___Greater_Depth
  6. Ten_for_Ten_KS2_Maths_Practice_Booklet___Working_Towards