Cross Country 2014

Once again our children are having a very successful season in the Lincoln and District Cross Country League.

After two races our boys' team are already in first place by a significant amount. Our girls team are rising up the table and by race two were in 5th place.

Individual results are as follows:

Race 1 – Cherry Willingham

George Barker    3rd                                           Ellie Briggs                  20th

Lewis Budgen     11th                                         Sasha Bowman           59th

Joseph Mackey   23rd                                         Iona Goodman             36th

Lewis Keyworth  22nd                                         Ellie Smirthwaite          29th

James Clynes      15th                                        Phebe Thompson         50th

Guy Hinchliffe     39th


Race 2 – Saxilby

George Barker    4th                                           Ellie Briggs                  24th

Lewis Budgen     12th                                         Sasha Bowman           40th

Joseph Mackey   24th                                         Iona Goodman             29th

Lewis Keyworth  69th                                          Ellie Smirthwaite          31st

James Clynes      8th                                          Phebe Thompson         57th

Guy Hinchliffe     47th