Cross Country 2015

Once again Nettleham Junior have succeeded in winning one of the overall team championships for the Lincoln and District Cross Country Championships. 19 schools, five races, weather fair and foul...we are so proud of our children!

Here's are the winning boys team:

and here is a break down of results, race by race:

Cross Country Results 2015

Race 1 – Cherry Willingham

James Clynes                        5th                                          Mya Lane                              12th

Oliver Fields                          11th                                       Izzy Vinter                             23rd

Guy Hinchliffe                      38th                                       Zoe Widdison                       44th

Cameron West                    42nd                                        Bronwyn Bell                        58th

Finley Morrison                   46th                                       Molly Hauton                       63rd

Alex Emerson                       47th                                      


Race 2 – Saxilby

James Clynes                        6th                                          Mya Lane                              9th

Oliver Fields                          11th                                       Izzy Vinter                             13th

Cameron West                    16th                                         Zoe Widdison                       37th

Guy Hinchliffe                      24th                                       Bronwyn Bell                        56th  

Finley Morrison                   30th                                       Molly Hauton                       63rd

Lewis Keyworth                   62nd                                      Neve Ellis                               89th


Race 3 – Ermine

James Clynes                        8th                                          Izzy Vinter                             30th

Oliver Fields                          9th                                          Zoe Widdison                       36th

Cameron West                    13th                                         Sophie Knapp                       37th

Guy Hinchliffe                      22nd                                      Bronwyn Bell                        46th  

Lewis Keyworth                   50th                                       Molly Hauton                       61st

Louis Johnson                      52nd                                      Mya Lane                              DNF


Race 4 – Manor Leas

James Clynes                        5th                                          Izzy Vinter                             20th

Oliver Fields                          17th                                       Mya Lane                              24th

Cameron West                    18th                                       Zoe Widdison                       28th

Guy Hinchliffe                      19th                                       Sophie Knapp                       48th  

Lewis Keyworth                   20th                                       Bronwyn Bell                        63rd

Louis Johnson                      43rd                                       Molly Hauton                       72nd


Race 5 – Sir Francis Hill

James Clynes                        3rd                                          Izzy Vinter                             16th

Oliver Fields                          6th                                          Mya Lane                              25th

Guy Hinchliffe                      14th                                       Zoe Widdison                       27th

Finley Morrison                   15th                                       Sophie Knapp                       28th  

Louis Johnson                      42nd                                      Molly Hauton                       62nd

Cameron West                    DNF                                        Bronwyn Bell                        63rd