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Curriculum Questionnaire

Dear Parents/ Carers, An important focus for our work in school this year is to refine and develop our curriculum to ensure that quality and breadth are at the centre of every subject. We are keen to gather as many views as possible from staff, governors, pupils and parents so would be very grateful if you could spend a short amount of time answering a few short questions. Our curriculum design involves 7 key principles; our curriculum should be: Balanced – Promotes intellectual, moral, spiritual, aesthetic, creative, emotional and physical development as equally importantRigorous – Demanding, challenging, thorough.Coherent – Clear, rational, intelligible.Vertically Integrated – Progressive, provides clarity about what “getting better” at the subject meansAppropriate – Suitable, fitting, matching level of challenge to a pupil’s current level of maturity/knowledge.Focused – Seeks to keep the curriculum manageable by teaching the most important knowledge; identifies the big ideas or key concepts within a subject.Relevant – Seeks to connect the valued outcomes of a curriculum to the pupils being taught it.

1) Which of these principles do you consider the most important for our school?

2) What should we teach our pupils?

3) What do we want our pupils to know/be able to do by the time they leave us?