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Tokyo Trail

In preparation for the Tokyo Olympics...

We have an exciting enrichment opportunity booked in for the children on Monday 12th July (upper school) and Monday 19th July (lower school) called Tokyo Trail, in preparation for the Olympics.

Each class bubble will have their own session where they will be completing a carousel of 8 Olympic themed activities. They will spend a set amount of time at each activity, repeating the challenge as many times as they can in the time, scoring points as they do so.  The session will involve the children being split into 4 groups/countries.

For the day the children will need either a coloured top to match their country (you will be notified of the colour by your child’s teacher at least 1 week prior to the event or this will be written in their pupil planners.) If it is not possible for children to bring in the correct coloured top they will need their normal PE top with the correct coloured sticker on. Children will also need the rest of their normal PE kit, a water bottle, trainers, hat and sun cream if it is sunny.

Before and after the event the children will also be watching an Opening Ceremony and Closing Ceremony too.

We hope that this will at least provide the children with some sort of inspirational sporting experience this year when so much else has been cancelled or postponed.

Many thanks for your continued support.

Ms Summerlin