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3B Stories

Our year three children are such wonderful writers...please have a read and let us know what you think.

The Haunted House by Chudy Isidienu

I stood outside the terrible house. It was surrounded by gravestones, they stood there collecting the dust. The moon shone revealing bony crooked trees which looked like they had suffered terribly from the cold. Crows were cackling in the light of the moon, moving like black ghosts. The graves looked like they had ghosts imprisoned into them. The house was abandoned and was full of ghostly screams. Inside it was even scarier! I felt a chill up my spine. I didn’t want to stay and die! Suddenly someone or something scratched my face and I started gushing with blood!


The Haunted Mansion by Oliver Bell

I stood outside the forbidden haunted mansion. I heard lots of screeching from the dark flapping bats. I opened the brown, creaky, broken door. Inside there were lots of doors and one was locked. The name on the door was suspicious. I didn’t want to be in the forbidden haunted mansion any more! My heart was beating so fast because I was terrified!    


Lost in the Jungle by Sam Chenh

Once there were 2 red noses and they were lost in the jungle. There was a Ninja called Karate Konk and his sidekick was called Nosebot, he was a robot. They were desperate to get the golden nose. They were in quick sand, they struggled to get out. Then Karate Konk spotted a vine.

“Grab my hand Nosebot,” said Karate Konk.

 Nosebot grabbed Karate Konk’s hand. Karate Konk pulled as hard as he could. Then they popped out. They were free. Now they were travelling from the jungle. Then they came to a big halt. There was a big valley in front of them. Luckily Nosebot had some rope. Nosebot made it in to a lasso and threw it on top of a tree. Then they climbed across. Then there was a river. Nosebot would die if he touched water so Karate Konk had to throw him across. After he threw Nosebot across the river they ran through the jungle. It was a long journey. They passed a monkey, a lion, snakes and then a crocodile. Then they reached the temple of stone and saw the golden nose and took it!



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