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PTA News


Thanks to all of you for your help and support with PTA events.

Recently, the PTA has paid for the additional activities at the school:

Year 6 leavers treat - Terrible tales workshop - Indian dance workshop

The Lone Legionary - Pals productions - Any Warhol workshops

Ipad music composition workshop - Bus to Playzone

Rhubarb Theatre - Contribution to Sinfonia Viva project

Mr Gibbons said, "‘Our PTA enriches the life of our school so much. The fundraising that has taken place over recent years has allowed us to achieve things that we simply couldn’t have managed on our own and has given the children so many exciting and unique experiences. At the same time the PTA is the ‘social glue’ for us – events such dis-cos, summer fayres and dog shows are fantastic opportunities for our school family to come together. We so appreciate everything our PTA members do and look forward to a new year with a new committee. Join them!’

Next year the PTA will be looking for new members, including a new treasurer. If just a few people volunteer, they’ll be able to keep these events going, and provide lots of fun activities for the children, as well as important learning opportunities.  

Nettleham Junior School PTA