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W/C 15th June 2020

Year 4 Weekly Update              Week commencing 15th June 2020








Read every day to an adult for at least 15 minutes and discuss what you have read.

Visit Spelling Shed to practise your spellings every day. Ask a parent to test you at the end of the week.

All of the spelling lists for this week are here.

Continue to practise your times tables using Hit the Button.

This week try challenging your parents or older siblings – who has the best score?

Monkeys – practise mixed times tables                 Penguins – practise x4 and x5


We are going to continue with division for three days this week and have included some worksheets for you to have a go at. You can either print the sheets off, call in at school where we can have them ready for you or simply just copy the sums down and have a go at them on any paper you have at home. The sheets are:

Penguin Maths 1                               Monkey Maths 1

Penguin Maths 2                               Monkey Maths 2

Penguin Maths 3                               Monkey Maths 3

We looked at negative numbers in the Autumn term and are revisiting them. How much have you remembered? Complete the following sheets aimed at both groups, children in the Penguin group may want to discuss what they are doing with an adult. It would help to draw a number line to help count backwards and forwards. Children in the Monkey group have an additional worksheet to complete. The sheets are:

Monkey and Penguin Maths 4              

Monkey and Penguin Maths 5

Monkey Maths Extra work


You will really enjoy Madame Dale’s French activities this week – they are looking at the French words for different feelings and emotions.

Here are the activities

And here are the answers

How many can you guess? Can you then learn all of the words?



The children in school are missing their friends just as much as the children at home. So today we would like all of our home learners to type a letter or create their own PowerPoint to tell all of us in school what you have been up to during Lockdown and what your typical day looks like. Send your work via email to

Your emails will be shared with the children in school, we will read them as a group on the big screen in the ICT room. Your friends in school will have the opportunity to send an email back to you and describe what their life is like in Lockdown. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Remember learning how to draw an eye? Well we need you to call upon that knowledge to draw an eye in the middle of a plain piece of paper. You can always watch many of the YouTube video’s to help you.

Give your work the title ‘I see beauty in our world’ and then we would like you to write five little descriptions of beautiful things you see in our world. It may be a hug from a grandparent that you are missing. It may be jumping in puddles on a rainy day. It may be playing catch with your dog in the garden. It may riding a horse on a sunny day. Try to make each idea as personal as you can.

Take a photograph of your work to treasure in years to come as a memory of Lockdown learning. You could send a copy in to school for us to all see. Let’s make a display of the beauty we see in our world.

Now, let’s focus on our environment and see if we can get our ‘green’ Blue Peter badge. We want you to list ways in which you think you could help improve our environment and help nature, here are some examples;

Encourage recycling.

Reuse plastic shopping bags as much as possible.

Grow your own vegetables or fruit.

Build a bug hotel.

How many can you think of? We know that some of you are already actively involved in a lot of the above-mentioned ideas. You make us very proud and inspire us as adults too!

Choose just one idea from the list you have made that you feel passionately about. Design a poster to promote that idea or actually go ahead and ‘make’ your idea.

Write a letter to accompany your poster/photo of your idea explaining what you have chosen to do and why you feel so passionately about it.

Ask your parent to read through your letter with you and ask them for advice on how you could improve your letter further and check your punctuation. It is a well-known fact that Nettleham Junior School parents are outstanding at home school teaching!

Make any suggested edits that they may have.

Next, visit the Blue Peter website where you will be told how you can apply for your green badge.

Green badges are awarded for sending in letters, pictures and makes that are about the environment, conservation or nature. You will need to post your work off or scan and email it.



It’s Friday and to finish off the week we are asking you all to send an email in for your Year 4 teacher to read.


Tell us what you have enjoyed most about learning at  home, it helps us to plan our next set of work. We really want you to enjoy the tasks we set you every day.

Tell us what you have been doing, many of you have been building, baking, gardening, playing board games, water fighting, walking, xboxing, the list is endless!

Be honest with us about how you are feeling, some of you may be enjoying this time but some may be wanting to see their teacher. We really want to hear from you.

Send your email to


If you don’t have access to a computer or printer, feel free to contact school as we can have a pack printed off and ready for you to collect at the start of the week.

Our website has all of the worksheets you will need. You do not need to print them all off, just choose the sheets you will need or work from the screen and use good old pencil and paper or record things electronically.