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W/C 22nd June 2020

Year 4 Weekly Update              Week commencing 22nd June 2020








Every day we would like you to read for fifteen minutes to an adult. It has been wonderful hearing that some of you use this time to facetime and grandparent and read to them – such a good idea!

Practise your spellings on Spelling Shed, it great seeing those scores rise. All of the spelling lists for this week are here.

Continue with your times tables practice too using the various websites out there, could you recommend a really great times table site to us that we can share with your classmates?


This week our focus will be on data handling and graph work, we are taking the work from the following website and have posted the link for you This takes you to the ‘Graph’ section of the website and each day we have set a different area of graph work for you to select. You can create your own sheets or download ready-made copies from our website here.

We have made up several copies of the work if you would like to call into school and collect a ‘Maths Pack’ for this week. You have the option of making an easy sheet or a hard sheet. For Monkeys we suggest the harder sheets and Penguins the easier; however you would be best having a go at both sheets to build your skills.

Focus on Interpreting Pictographs

Easier Sheet

Harder Sheet


Focus on Reading Pie Graphs

Easier Sheet

Harder Sheet


Focus on Reading Bar Graphs

Easier Sheet

Harder Sheet

Drawing Bar Graphs

Easier Sheet

Harder Sheet

Focus on Single Line Graph Comprehension

Easier Sheet

Harder Sheet


Revision of skills day, just checking your time telling skills!

Here’s the worksheet

English and Topic

This week we are going to be looking at poetry and have decided to use the resources set out on BBC Bitesize from the week beginning Monday 15th June. They are fantastic! We have included the link for each day below for you to use. Please clink on links provided, you do not have to print off any of the work as you can simply read it from the screen and write your own ideas down on paper.

Exploring poetry

Sound words

Learning a poem off by heart

Rhyming in poetry

Friday is your day to send an email in to school telling us what you have been up to this week when you haven’t been home learning. It is great for us to hear and see all the new skills you have been learning. We like to share your emails with our learners in school too.


Es-tu content?

Madame Dale’s Weekly French Tasks are here

This week you will learn to say how you are feeling.

If you don’t have access to a computer or printer, feel free to contact school as we can have a pack printed off and ready for you to collect at the start of the week.

Our website has all of the worksheets you will need. You do not need to print them all off, just choose the sheets you will need or work from the screen and use good old pencil and paper or record things electronically.