Year 4

Here are lots of ideas from your child's teachers to keep them busy and learning over the period of school closure.

From 20th April our teachers will be providing a 'weekly update' for each year group which will give a more structure and direction for those families who find this useful. We now have direct emails in place for each year group to allow you to contact your child's teacher with any questions, concerns etc. and to email all the great things that they have been up to at home.

Year Four:   

Here's a video message for you all from Mr Grafton. Please send us an email to  with your research findings about tortoises.

  1. French tasks for year 4
  2. Square Numbers
  3. Square number answers
  4. Writing activity - a story hidden within your title
  5. Fun thinking challenges for all Year Groups
  6. Year-4-Writing
  7. Mr Chips - writing activity for years 4, 5 and 6
  8. Mrs Verdon's Year 4 groups previous spelling Sept to March
  9. Miss Reid's Year 4 groups previous spellings (Sept - March)
  10. The Evil Emperor Song
  11. Y4 Boudicca lyrics
  12. maths monkey mystery
  13. maths mystery
  14. Where to go next in French with your children
  15. Kennings poem activity
  16. Year 3 & 4 Spellings to Learn
  17. Word Ninja with blank
  18. Spring poem activity for Year 4
  19. Year 4 Fiction Revision Mat
  20. Year 4 Non Fiction Revision Mat
  21. Year 4 Poetry Revision Mat
  22. Year 4 Reading Revision Mat Guidance
  23. Year 4 sight-and-sound-writing-prompts-activity-sheets
  24. Year 4 -Simple-Origami-Easter-Bunny-Rabbit-Paper-Craft
  25. Year 4 -Simple-Origami-Easter-Carrot-Paper-Craft
  26. Year 4 -Simple-Origami-Easter-Egg-Paper-Craft
  27. year 4 The Mystery of the Missing Horse - Answers
  28. Year 4 The Mystery of the Missing Horse
  29. year 4 -times-table-games
  30. year-4-spring-themed-maths-activity-booklet
  31. Year 4 Good Vibrations Sound Game Black and White
  32. year 4 Good Vibrations Sound Game
  33. Sound Survey
  34. States of Matter Crossword Home Learning Task
  35. Water Cycle Game Home Learning Task A4
  36. Water Cycle Game Home Learning Task
  37. Year 4 Home Learning Pack
  38. Year 4 Home Learning Pack Guidance and Answers
  39. Year 4 Practical Ideas
  40. year-4-spring-themed-maths-activity-booklet