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w/c 6th July 2020

Hurdling Hexagons                                                                                         WB 6.7.20

If you find any questions difficult after having had a go at it, feel free to move on to the next question. Alternatively you can email us and ask for some assistance.







Learning Objective

To identify different regular polygons

To understand the difference between regular and irregular polygons.

To use co-ordinates to construct polygons

To review the properties of a circle.

To look for polygons and lines of symmetry in nature.

Video Links/

Introduction to objectives


Identifying Different Polygons

Regular and Irregular Polygons

Please use posters from Monday’s lesson too!

Co-ordinates first quadrant


Parts of a Circle

Shapes in Real Life

Maths in Nature


Task 1 Regular polygons

 Task 2 Name the 2D Shape Quiz

Task 3

Regular – Irregular


Task 4 Labelling Polygons

Task 5

Using co-ordinates to construct polygons


Task 6

Oreo Maths



Task 7

Maths in the World Around Us

Supporting Resources &

Top Tips

2D Shape Poster

Regular and Irregular Shapes Poster

This is a great game to play at home to test your knowledge of 2D shapes but also to appreciate that polygons can all have the same name, but they can all look so different:

 Playing with Polgons

There are three levels to this activity. Depending how confident you feel, choose the level to complete.

Parts of a Circle Poster