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Swimming Lessons

Swimming is a compulsory part of the current national curriculum for PE and, due to Covid-19, the swimming lessons planned last year for our current year five pupils were not able to go ahead. Year six pupils did receive swimming tuition two years ago but some may benefit from 'topping up'.

This year we may have the opportunity to provide some ‘Top-up Swim’ lessons to some year five and year six pupils.

These lessons would take place during the Summer term for those children who have not yet reached the expected requirement:

"By the end of key stage 2 pupils should be taught to swim unaided for a distance of at least 25 metres, using recognised strokes, on their front and back, and demonstrate an understanding of water safety."

So that we can ensure that we are doing all we can to enable your child to reach the expected attainment in this area we need some information from you so please complete the form at the bottom of this page and return it to school by Monday 29th April 2021 so that we can make suitable arrangements.

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