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Parents and Carers Course Autumn 2022

Course dates: The course lasts for four weeks on Thursdays 10th, 17th 24th November and 1st December 2022
Times: 6.30pm - 8.00pm
Venue: Nettleham Church of England Aided Junior School

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Taking time to Stop Understand and Move On Top tips and tools to help children develop greater resilience, understand themselves and embrace wellbeing.

Children are often asked to bring a pencil case to school with specific ‘tools’ and equipment for them to use in different lessons. However, do they have the tools and equipment to deal with challenges in life that involve emotions, self-worth, resilience and confidence? This course is for any parent, guardian, carer or those who are supporting children and families who wants to explore new ways to help children (and adults) navigate through the rollercoaster of life. The course aims to provide a ‘toolkit’ to help manage the big emotions and challenges that inevitably come their way.
This is not a parenting course in the sense of what we often think of a parenting course, but it is a course for parents (and anyone involved in working with children) to help better understand themselves and their children. You will gain some simple, but life changing tools to help support the journey of parenting. Here are just a couple of comments people have given in recent feedback:
“It is engaging and empowering”
“I have learnt lots and it was made great fun by Ed and Sarah”
“Loved my time on the course, just sorry it had to end”
“Thank you so much for your time and help. I have loved every second and will take away so much information to help our family.”
The course takes the principles from Paul McGee’s Sunday Times Bestseller book ‘SUMO’, uses them, along with a wealth of resources, real life examples as well as practical tips and tools to allow people to easily embed the principles into family life.
Course Outcomes
Me, you and the big world out there.
In this session we will explore the meaning of wellbeing. For us and our family what does this look like? How can we be in control of this and how can we help our children be in control of this for themselves too? We will look at the importance of learning to press ‘pause’ to self-regulate, think and make good choices.
Shall we think about that?
We think a lot. We spend almost all of our time thinking, however, is all of that thinking healthy and helpful or can it sometimes be unhealthy and unhelpful? In this session we will be learning how to tell the difference between the two. We will understand how our thinking is strongly linked to our emotions and actions. We will explore how our brain works for us but can also work against us.
Let’s Flip it and it is ok not to be ok
Following on from all the thinking we have done in the last session, this session is full of simple and practical tips and tools to help use when “faulty thinking” creeps in to help us to have healthy and helpful thinking patterns rather than unhelpful and unhealthy. We will also be discussing what we need to do when it all gets too much and how this time can provide us with the valuable opportunity to make choices about how we best move on.
I can’t, I won’t, I don’t
Have you ever felt like you were speaking a different language to other people? Have you ever felt frustrated that you are not heard or really listened to? This session investigates the idea of perspectives and how these can affect how we respond and react to one another. This final session is also about looking ahead, exploring why we put things off and how we can find ways to overcome those barriers especially when we believe in the power of yet!
We honestly believe in the content of this course and everyone who has attended has taken something away from it of benefit. Often when dealing with children, us as adults need to understand that our behaviour and responses are sometimes what need to change – small incremental changes in our responses, armed with a greater understanding of what is going on for the child and some tools to apply in different situations can result in big changes. We would love to see you – and remember it is completely FREE!