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RHE Family Questionnaire

As part of your child’s education we promote personal well-being and development through a comprehensive Relationship and Health Education curriculum. The scheme we use to support us in delivering this curriculum is called HeartSmart, and our coverage also includes some RSE (Relationships & Sex Education).
To gain an understanding of your views on this important area we would appreciate if you could complete the following questionnaire.
Please read our Policy first which you can find on the RHE and Puberty Materials
page of our website.
Also please have a look at our curriculum 'roadmaps for Relationship and Health education and our video about puberty education. You can find them all on the RHE and Puberty Materials page of our website too.

I think RHE and RSE are important aspects of the school curriculum.*
I understand what the new relationships education curriculum will cover in primary school.*
I am pleased that my child will be learning about different aspects of relationships - including family structures, friendship, bullying, teamwork, growing up, feelings, stereotypes, and consent.*
I feel happy to talk with my child about growing up and relationships.*
The school’s curriculum will help to keep my child to feel safe both on-line and in the real world*
I would like to attend a workshop (in school or online) or receive further information about this area of the curriculum.*