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Hot School Meals in September

On this page, parents of current y2 pupils who will be joining us next year can book hot or cold school meals for the first two weeks of the new term in September.

Normally meals are booked through a system called WisePay; unfortunately accounts for new y3 pupils will not be available until September, so if you would like your child to have school meals at any point during the first couple of weeks, please fill in the options below. Otherwise, please send your child in with packed lunches.

Please note that, as they join us at the Juniors, the children will no longer be covered by the Universal Infant Free School Meals offer. Unless your child is entitled separately to free school meals, the cost of a school lunch is £2.50; payment, where relevant, will be arranged via Wisepay in September.

The deadline for ordering a meal for the first two weeks in September is MIDDAY on WEDNESDAY 1st SEPTEMBER 2021.

Monday 6th September menu options (accompaniment: mashed potato, diced carrot and swede, dessert: pear and chocolate cake with custard):
Tuesday 7th September menu options (accompaniment: rice and hot sweetcorn, dessert: apple crumble and custard):
Wednesday 8th September menu options (accomaniment: broccoli, dessert: ginger and butterscotch delight):
Thursday 9th September menu options (dessert: mandarin sponge cake):
Friday 10th September menu options (accompaniment: diced potatoes and peas, dessert: fruit salad and cream):
Monday 14th September menu options (accompaniment: diced potatoes and baked beans, dessert: lemon sponge and custard):
Tuesday 15th September menu options (accomaniment: garlic bread and salad, dessert: fruity flapjack):
Wednesday 16th September menu options (accompaniment: mashed potato and carrots, dessert: fruit cookies and milk):
Thursday 17th September menu options (accompaniment: rice and broccoli, dessert: frozen yoghurt):
Friday 18th September menu options (accompaniment: potato wedges and peas, dessert: banana fudge cake):