Sports Day and Summer Fayre

Don’t forget it’s the….




Donations still needed – we still are really keen to receive items for raffle prizes, tombola prizes, toys, books, DVDs and uniform – baskets are in each classroom, there will be a prize of the class that brings in the highest number.

Are you able to help? – Help is required on the day from any time between 1.30 -8.30pm. Can you spare just an HOUR to either help set up, on a stall/refreshments or packing up? If so, please can you let our PTA committee know via the school office?

Cakes needed – Are you a baker? Or could you donate some cakes for the Summer Fayre? If so, could you bring them into school on the day? These will be sold at the refreshments stall with a drink.

RAFFLE TICKETS – If you have any sold or unsold tickets, could you please return them to school as soon as possible.

Sports Day arrangements – Wednesday 25th June 2014

  • Lunchtime – Shared picnic lunch – children and families
  • Afternoon – Traditional Races

At lunchtime – from 12.15 – you are welcome to join the children on the field to share a picnic lunch (those taking hot school meals excepted). The PTA will be providing teas and coffees.

We will be holding our races all in the afternoon this year, beginning at 1.30pm. This will see a mixture of traditional races with children competing against their peers in their year group.

Obviously this all depends on the weather. We will keep you well informed of any intention to reschedule the day should it look like being a wash out – currently the weather looks OK – fingers crossed!

Nut/ legumes free day – Thursday, 26th June 2014

We have our new Y3 pupils visiting us for lunch on 26th June, one of whom has a severe nut allergy. Could I ask, for that day, if you would not send any nut and nut based foods into school. This also includes any ‘legumes’ such as lentils and soya beans.

Guidance on mid-morning snacks

We encourage our children to eat well at all times and one of the ways we do this is to be clear about what they can eat at morning break. Children should have a healthy snack with them – fruit, healthy fruit/ yoghurt/ cereal type bars and so on are a good choice. Children are asked to save their chocolate bars and crisps (if they have them) for lunchtime.

Start of the School Day & Absences

I would like to remind you that the school day begins at 8.55am and that all children need to be on the school site at that time, but no earlier than 8.45am.  Also, if your child is unable to attend school for any reason it important that you ring school on the first morning of his/her absence and subsequently provide a letter or email confirming the reason and dates of the absence on their return.


We are really looking forward to sharing sunny and happy events with you all over the next five weeks.