School Ethos



As a Church of England Aided Junior School we are committed to the values and beliefs of the Christian Community, and we offer a Christian way of living and working together as an example and inspiration to our children. The aims set out below will be pursued within the framework of this Christian ethos.

The aims and means of achieving them are not in any priority order. Rather, they are to be seen as totally interdependent linked parts of the whole education process in our school


  • To provide a broad, balanced learning experience that offers all children the opportunity to experience  success.

  • To promote a positive attitude to learning  and  achievement   together with  a  high  level  of  motivation.

  • To help pupils develop  lively enquiring minds and share the joy of learning.

  • To encourage an attitude  which places a high value on the work of others.

  • To aim for excellence across a wide curriculum  range,  and  promote teaching which enables each child to achieve his or her potential.

  • To help pupils become confident, caring, independent individuals whilst understanding the interdependence of groups and nations


  • Provide children with equal access to all areas of the curriculum

  • Provide lots  of  first  hand  experience to  enable  effective  learning.

  • Set high levels of expectation in terms of  behaviour,  commitment,  effort  and performance.

  • Create an interesting, stimulating and exciting learning  environment  within the classroom.

  • Careful and imaginative display of children's  work  and   regular opportunitie to see, hear about and share in the excellence of others.

  • Encourage a thoughtful, caring and considerate attitude to others.

  • Concentrate on the sound development of basic skills in English and  Maths.

  • Encourage children to develop independence through thinking and planning  for  themselves.

  • Develop the ability to work co-operatively

To  promote  the  spiritual,  moral,  cultural,  mental, social and physical development of all pupils

All our  children,  whatever  their  abilities,  will  be  given  the  opportunity  to  participate in and enjoy the full range  of experiences offered within  the school. Our  aim will be to develop each child,  providing  the  support and encouragement required along the  way.  The  contribution  of  each  child  will  be fully valued by us all, building self-confidence, security and a sense of self-worth.

  1. School Development Plan Summary 2015
  2. school aims and ethos