Writing tasks

Lots of lovely writing tasks!

Here's the Professor to brief you on your mission for the week beginning 1st June 2020

The Professor is back to tell you everything that you need to know in order

to complete your mission for the week beginning 18th May 2020

The Professor has another video for you to help you with your mission for the week commencing 11th May 2020

Here's everything that you need to complete your English work for the week beginning 4th May 2020. Watch the video carefully, pause it, watch it again.

Good luck!

Here is Secret Agent Handley's video message for your work on India week commencing 27th April 2020

  1. 18.5.20 Taj Mahal Research Information
  2. 27.4.20 The Secret Agent Week 1
  3. 27.4.20 My Journey Across New Delhi by Mr H
  4. 27.4.20 Walk Down an Indian Street Planning
  5. 27.4.20 India Facts
  6. 27.4.20 India Notes Example
  7. Writing activity - a story hidden within your title
  8. Create a fact file based on a Famous Scientist
  9. Mr Chips - writing activity for years 4, 5 and 6
  10. Task 9 Ancient Myths
  11. Task 1 Advertise Your Town
  12. Task 2 The Ascent
  13. Task 3 Film Review
  14. Task 4 Letter to Your MP
  15. Task 5 Continue the Story
  16. Task 10 A First Visit
  17. Task 6 The Titanic
  18. Task 7 The Supermarket
  19. Task 8 Classroom Conundrum
  20. David Walliams Biography Example
  21. 6.4.20 Biography Extension Task
  22. Kennings poem activity
  23. Writing a biography
  24. Create a Grammar Flipchart using Grammar Songs!
  25. Planning frame biography
  26. Newspaper Report