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On Your Marks, Get Set, Go! Final arrangements for the return to school.

Just a few clarifications and reminders

We are really looking forward to seeing all of the children tomorrow. Staff have been working hard to prepare the site and to ensure that the children have a safe and ordered return to school.

Thank you to everyone who has fed back on our arrangements and risk mitigation measures, your perspective is vital if we are to make the return to school as ‘seamless’ as we would like it to be. 

Everyone should have received updates and information from our year group teams over the past few days and so there are just a few final reminders and a bit of clarification from us:

Drop off times

The drop off times, as already notified, are as follows:

Class                                        Arriving                     Entry point

3B                                            8.45-9.00am              Playground gate

3TS                                           9.00-9.15am               Playground gate

4W  (formerly 3B)                  9.15-9.30am               Playground gate

4GV (formerly 3TS)                8.30-8.45am              Playground gate

5S (formerly 4GV)                  8.30-8.45am              Year 5 classroom gate

         – to the left of the main school building

5WH (formerly 4W)               9.00-9.15am              Year 5 classroom gate

6B (formerly 5S)                     9.15-9.30am               Year 5 classroom gate

6S (formerly 5WH)                 8.45-9.00am              Year 5 classroom gate

There will be staff outside the front of school to guide the children where to go and one of the staff from their class will be at each gate to greet them. We would appreciate it if all adults just dropped the children off and left the site as quickly as possible.

Collection times are as follows:

Class                                        Time                            Collected from

3B                                            3.15pm                            Playground

3TS                                          3.30pm                           Playground

4W  (formerly 3B)                  3.45pm                           Playground

4GV (formerly 3TS)                3pm                                 Playground

5S (formerly 4GV)                  3pm                             Front of school

5WH (formerly 4W)               3.30pm                        Front of school                   

6B (formerly 5S)                     3.45pm                        Front of school                  

6S (formerly 5WH)                  3.15pm                       Front of school      

 Please arrive as near to your collection time as possible. Y3/4 parents/ carers should wait in the front half of the playground adhering to social distancing as much as possible. We will, once again, be there to support you with this. There will be an easy ‘one way’ system when you leave school.

Those of you collecting Y5/6 from the front of school should wait, once again socially distanced, along the front of school including on the grass area in front of the main block. Obviously please try to keep the path clear.

It is important that you keep younger children with you at all times – the playground and school site will be in use to up until the end of the day.

Once you have your children, please leave the site immediately. I am sure that everyone understands that our prime objective is to reduce congestion as much as possible at these times.

PE kit

Children are to have PE kit in school every day and change out of their uniform just for PE lessons. We will send all kit home on a Friday for washing and would like it back in school for Monday mornings.

Shoes for the field

We won’t expect children to change their shoes when they go onto the field, although they can do so if they wish. We will be using our outside space as much as possible over the coming months both at playtime and during lessons and don’t want any child to miss out on this.

We can't wait until tomorrow...and I am sure that you feel the same!

David Gibbons