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Confirmation of Plans to reopen School to all pupils on March 8th 2021

Welcome back to school!

We would like to confirm our plans for the reopening of school on Monday 8th March. As anticipated not a great deal has changed from when school ‘closed’ on 5th January, however there are some small changes to our risk assessment – please read through the Summary of Key Risk Management and Mitigation Actions document which is attached. These are taken from our whole school risk assessment, which has been developed and refined over the past ten months to ensure that our school community is safe. We recommend that you go through this very carefully with your children so that they know exactly what to expect.

We plan to have all pupils return to school on Monday March 8th 2021. We will be reintroducing the changes to our normal routine that have successfully ensured that all children and staff are safe. These include the following:

All children will remain in bubbles of around 30. These will be their class bubbles and the children will arrive and leave together, learn together, play together and eat together. There will be no mixing of children between bubbles.

To ensure that there is no unnecessary congestion outside school there will be clear arrival and leaving times for classes. We understand that this is one of the more difficult areas for families to coordinate but I am sure that you understand that this needs to be something that we all support. Arrival and leave times will be as follows:

Class   Arriving                      Leaving                                  Entry point

3B        8.45-8.55am              3.15pm                                   Playground gate

3TS      9.00-9.10am               3.30pm                                  Playground gate

4W      9.15-9.25am               3.45pm                                   Playground gate

4GV    8.30-8.40am              3pm                                         Playground gate

5S        8.30-8.40am              3pm                                         Year 5 classroom gate

5WH   9.00-9.10am               3.30pm                                    Year 5 classroom gate

6B       9.15-9.25am               3.45pm                                   Year 5 classroom gate

6S        8.45-8.55am              3.15pm                                    Year 5 classroom gate

We will, once again, operate a drop off and go system when children arrive within their allotted ‘10 minute window’ with a member of staff on hand to take your child straight into school. We will continue to operate a socially distanced waiting system at the end of the school day. Please note that, in line with government guidance, gathering at the school gates and otherwise coming onto the site without an appointment will be strongly discouraged.

At the end of the school day those collecting Y3/4 children should wait, socially distanced, on the school playground and those waiting for Y5/6 children should wait outside the front of school. If all goes to plan there should be no more than 30 people in each location at any time.

School uniform – all children will be in school uniform when we return to school.

Lunches – there will be no hot meals up until Easter. Our suppliers, Will’s Diner at William Farr School will provide cold meals.

All orders, including free school meals orders, should be placed using your Wisepay login. To place your order use link: Order Here

If there is no vegetarian option, please order the meat option and then email us to let us know that you require vegetarian.

The menu until Easter is now available on Wisepay. The Deadline for ordering meals for the week beginning 8th March is midday on Wednesday 3rd March 2021.

All lunches will be delivered directly to your child’s class bubble. All other children should bring a ‘packed lunch’ which will be stored until they are eaten in the classroom.

Playtimes: Playtimes will be staggered to allow children to maintain their bubbles and also reduce the number of children and adults in common areas in school including corridors, toilets and staff rooms. Whilst we understand that it’s disappointing for some that children won’t be able to mix with those beyond their bubbles, it is another inevitable aspect of the current situation.

Personal possessions in school – children will, when they return, sit at the same desk throughout the day with their own ‘pack’ of stationery. Should they wish to bring their own stationery into school, they should do so on the first day back – it will then remain in school.

Expectations and behaviour – it goes without saying that, in order for us to reintegrate 230 children into school, we will expect all children to have the highest possible standards of behaviour. We will be very clear about our expectations and have no doubt that our wonderful pupils will do us proud.

Initially there will be no visiting teachers (music tutors included) and no after school clubs. Our priority will be to, simply, focus on getting all children safely back to school in their bubbles for the duration of the normal school day.

Most of all we are really looking forward to seeing the children back in school.

With very best wishes


David Gibbons,