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Adaptation Tasks

Adaption, Evolution and Human Intervention

Task 1:  - What is selective breeding?

L.O - To explain how humans have created new varieties of living things through selective breeding.

1) Watch the BBC video – what is selective breeding?

2) Read the PowerPoint - All about  - Dog Breeding

3) Complete the dog breeding task

Task 2 – The Ethics of Dog Breeding

L.O - to identify advantages and disadvantages of specific interventions.

  1. Read the Ethics of Dog Breeding PowerPoint
  2. Study the plan for a balanced argument.

I have given you 3 planning grids to use, use the one that you feel suits you best. 1 star is the easiest and 3 star is the more challenging.

  1. You need to research two strong points that support selective dog breeding and two that are against selective breeding.

Use information from the PowerPoint plus your own personal knowledge and further internet research to complete this task.

Task 3 – Human Intervention in the evolutionary process

L.O - to demonstrate understanding of the issues raised by human intervention in the evolutionary process.

With the advancements of genetics and technology, humans have pushed the science of breeding to a new level.

There is:

  • Genetically Modified Foods (GM Foods)
  • Cloning
  • Animals growing human parts and organs

Research one of these areas and present a factsheet that answers the following:

  1. Describe what the process is
  2. Should humans intervene in this way? Why? Why not?
  3. What effects will this have on living things in the future – advantages and disadvantages?

Task 4 and 5 - Photography Project

Task 4

Step 1  - Get used to your camera – complete the photograph challenge.

(see worksheet 1 )

L.O experiment with getting the desired image:

( see  worksheet  2)

 i) Close up images

ii) Creating a composition. ( e.g. getting your body in different positions – low levels etc. or moving items to create the perfect scene.

Step 2 – experiment with editing tools – either on tablet/phone or if you have photography software have a play with that.

(see worksheet 3)

L.O use the editing tools – use the cropping tool to get rid of excess picture you don’t need.

L.O use any colour, contrasting tools to improve the final picture.

Task 5

Walking in the shoes of Charles Darwin

You have been asked to record the living things in the area where you live.

Take a collection of photographs of the living things that you can see around you. Consider plants, garden/household creatures, pets, and people.  

Submit your 5 best photos. Make sure that they are labelled with their name (extension - add Latin name)

If unsure of name of living thing: use Google lens and take a picture   - it will search for the name of it.

Have a look at existing photographs - Google photography of living things, Photography of British wildlife.

Please send your finished work to the year 6 email address: