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Adult Education

Short Courses for Adults

We are delighted to be able to re-start our Thursday evening classes for the Summer Term 2022 and really looking forward to having the buzz of adult learning back in school on Thursday evenings.

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Course fees for this term are: £6 per session/ £5 concessions. Payment details will be emailed to you with your confirmation, on or after Thursday 21st April.

Sessions run from 6.30pm–8.00pm on Thursday evenings (choir finishes at 8.30pm)

Term Dates for Summer 2022:
Term 1: 28th April – 26th May (5 sessions)   
Term 2: 9th June – 7th July (5 sessions)

Closing date for applications for Summer 2022 is Thursday 21st April.

Thursday Evening Classes

£6 per session/£5 concessions 
Yoga is a time set aside to meet up with yourself (a rare thing) and stretch, breath and find some stillness. Yoga introduces you to techniques to slow down, develop your awareness and refine your concentration. Through stretching and maintaining the postures we become stronger, more supple, and more confident. Soon you find there is no competition in yoga and you work at your own level.
Dominique Holowina is a local yoga teacher; she has been teaching for 30 years in and around the County. She has trained extensively with the British Wheel of Yoga and the British School of Shiatsu-Do. 
For specific enquiries ring Dominique on 01522 595356.

Acoustic Guitar:
Beginner to Intermediate/Folk to Rock
£6 per session/£5 concessions
Allan Johnson is an experienced tutor having taught at Lincoln College for many years. He is a dedicated musician who has been teaching & performing for a long time. He is eager to teach a group of students, rather than one-to-one, so he can build from the mutual support within the group and extend the individual musical experience to include tunes and songs which are easy to recognise and learn.
His teaching progresses from a few necessary chords to the playing of popular and folk styles from the 60’s onwards.  There is very little theory and no musical notation to learn.  A minimum of 5 and a maximum of 10 students are accepted into this course.

£6 per session/£5 concessions 
Aurelie Dale is a native French and fluent Spanish speaker who has lived in England for the past 22 years and worked as a language consultant in various schools, as well as providing adult tuition on numerous occasions. Her aim is to provide a friendly and enjoyable environment, enabling people of a wide range of abilities to thrive regardless of their past experience - making her classes accessible to all. 
If you would like to learn Spanish and share the culture as a beginner or if you have previous experience and wish to improve your foreign language, please feel free to join her on Thursdays from 6.30pm-8.00pm.

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Nettleham Community Choir:
£6 per session/£5 concessions
Extended timings – 6.30pm – 8.30pm
The mighty Nettleham Community Choir led by experienced and energetic choir leader Liz McIntosh. They sing all sorts of songs, suiting many tastes. No one has to sing on their own or read music; among their members are complete beginners, experienced singers, confident voices and people who think they can't (or shouldn't) sing! Members are encouraged and supported to sing, to perform (if that's something you'd like to try) and to develop their own voice. 
If you would like to join, please contact Liz directly on 07713746679 or to find out more details.

Saturday Morning Activities

Nettleham Orchestral Workshops:
£8 per session
16th April, 21st May, 18th June and 16th July 2022.
In conjunction with SoundLincs and local conductor Mary Michell we are delighted to offer the continuation of this wonderful musical opportunity for the community. Aimed at musicians who want to play in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere – these workshops offer the opportunity to brush the cobwebs of your instrument and playing skills in a supportive environment.  All you need is your instrument and a music stand to join a friendly group of enthusiastic amateur musicians capturing the joy of playing music together but where the emphasis is very much on fun. To join the Nettleham Orchestral Workshop, please contact Mary Michell directly: