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Design and Technology


Year Three

  • Textiles: glove puppets or Christmas stockings;
  • Sheet materials: Arthur's Castle;
  • Structural: Arthur's Castle;
  • Mechanisms and Components: moving picture or Easter cards;
  • Food: fruit salad.

Year Four

  • Structural: Roman catapults, building bird feeders from recycled materials.
  • Mechanisms and Components: Roman catapults;
  • Food: apple crumble, food for Christmas party, smoothies.

Year Five

  • Structural: bridges, Viking houses;
  • Food: Indian food;
  • Designer Study: Isambard Kingdom Brunel.

Year Six

  • Sheet materials: animal homes linked to South America;
  • Structural: animal homes linked to South America, Charles Renee Mackintosh, chairs;
  • Mechanisms and Components: choices boards;
  • Food: Christmas pizza;
  • Designer Study: Charles Renee Mackintosh - chairs, stained glass windows; William Morris, wallpaper.