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Ideas for Screen Free Time

Inevitably children have spent much more time in front of screens over the past few months; as the weather improves why not have a go at some of the ideas here?

  •  Why not have a go at one of the PE activities below.
    • Learn how to play Boccia – a current favourite with Year 5 at school. You will need 6 balls of one colour, 6 of another and one white ‘jack’.  These could be made from rolled up socks! If you want a bit more weight then you could also add about half a cup of dry rice. Find out more here:
    • Toilet roll or plastic bottle skittles (stack toilet rolls 2 high to make pins or decorate tubes!)

  • Create your own insect tic tac toes by decorating stones/pebbles to look like bumble bees and ladybirds.

  • Have a look at these brilliant screen-free time suggestions from Twinkl including:
    • Choreograph your own dance.
    • Make your own set of Top Trumps cards.
    • Do some baking with your family.

  • Have a look at the downloadable great outdoor Wildlife Trust Activity Cards. They include:
    • Identify and count the birds in the garden.
    • Make a hedgehog home and nesting boxes.
    • An insect hunt and making a bug hotel.