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Skiing Stars

YEAR 5 White Rose Maths                                                                                      WB 13.7.20

If you find any questions difficult after having had a go at it, feel free to move on to the next question. Alternatively you can email us and ask for some assistance.







Learning Objective

To be able to convert metric units (e.g. mm to cm)

To be able to convert between imperial and metric units (e.g. inches to cm)

To be able to convert units of time (e.g. seconds to minutes)

To be able to read timetables

White Rose / BBC

Friday Maths Challenge

White Rose

Video Links

Metric Units

Imperial Units

Converting Units of Time




Lesson 1 Metric Units


Lesson 1 Answers

Lesson 2 Imperial Units


Lesson 2 Answers

Lesson 3 Converting Units of Time


Lesson 3 Answers

Lesson 4 Timetables


Lesson 4 Answers


Suggested Questions

For each lesson aim to complete as many questions as you can in 30 minutes after watching the video.


Remember, if you are finding a question difficult have a look at the next question.

Click here for your Friday Maths Challenge.  Spend 30 minutes and see how far you can get.